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Dr. B. Dodge Rea, Psy.D.

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If you haven’t already, check out the About Dodge section for more on my philosophy.  Below you’ll find particular tools used in my work, though the list is partial at best! Individual Therapy Working primarily with adults (with special exceptions) I approach therapy with the bedrock assumption that it is the therapeutic relationship itself that […]

About Dodge

Dr. B. Dodge Rea, Psy.D.

A little about my philosophy It has been said that a good therapist is much more gardener than mechanic. I love this statement because it captures something too often missed by counselors and clients alike: We therapists are here not to “fix” you but to help you gently prune away the old parts of you […]


Finding the Lotus Center The Lotus Center is located in the quaint, quiet business district of Berry Hill. The building, like nearly all offices in this area, is a remodeled house. You’ll see a sign in the parking lot and the address is easily visible on the mailbox. I welcome all comments and questions and […]