Testimonial – “Neurofeedback gave my life purpose.”

Neuro-feed back:

Neuro-feed back gave my life purpose.
Neuro-feed back provided me with hope.
Neuro-feed back was my perfect match.
Neuro-feed back gave me a future.

Lynn Davis:

Totally committed to seeing you succeed.
Totally invested in each client’s case.
Personally interested in setting realistic goals.
Helps you help yourself achieve success.
Shows confidence and compassion with ‘Neuro-feed back’
Not a job but a compassion.

I began seeing Lynn Davis for Neuro-feed back 10 months after a stroke. Lynn was very compassionate and up-front about what Neuro-feed back has done for others in the past and she explained that each brain is different so she could not guarantee any ‘miracle’ for me, but that is what I received. After about 15 visits I considered Neuro-feed back as a ‘miracle’ for me. When I started seeing Lynn I wasn’t able to speak clearly; I walked with crutches; I was having great difficulty finding words to complete a sentence; I couldn’t follow a conversation for long periods of time; I wasn’t able to follow television programs without frustration; I had to re-read everything because I couldn’t remember what I had just read. Life to say was difficult at best, but after going through a series of sessions with Lynn I have been able to return to a ‘normal’ life. I still have some difficulties with my finding my words and remembering details before my stroke but all that is minor considering all that I have gained from my sessions with Lynn and Neuro-feed back. I can speak clearly; I am walking without crutches; I can carry on a conversation; I can watch and follow television and I can even follow a movie from beginning to end.

Lynn brings more than just a service to Neuro-feed back. I could tell from the very beginning that this is a passion for her. She believes in what she is doing and she always stays realistic and up-front about your brain reactions and the results after each session. She is very knowledgeable about what she is doing and she shares in your triumphs and in your set backs. I believe with all my heart that she invests herself in your case and she sees you as more than just a client. Lynn takes the time to talk with you before and after each session. Lynn helps you help yourself. She asked me to keep a short journal about what happens to me and what changes I see…good or bad between each session so that she will know the best route to take for my next session. For example: If I was having more trouble with concentration she would focus on that in my session.

I have no regrets about doing Neuro-feed back because I believe that it gave my life meaning and it gave me hope for a more normal future. I can’t imagine how I would still be trying to heal from a life changing events like a stroke without Neuro-feed back.