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My Philosophy Our bodies are beautifully designed to heal themselves. We’re composed of a community of over 50 trillion cells, and countless things go right every second. I believe that all healing comes from inside, and each of us has an “inner wisdom” that knows what we need next in order to heal. My job […]

About Rusty Rust

I’m a Licensed Spiritual Healer Coach – A Reiki Master – and I received my CranioSacral training from the Upledger Institute. I began studying Tai Chi in 1992, and was encouraged to teach 1998 by Grandmaster Tao. I have been the Tai Chi instructor at The Vanderbilt Dayani Center for over 10 years. I’ve been […]


Finding the Lotus Center The Lotus Center is located in the quaint, quiet business district of Berry Hill. The building, like nearly all offices in this area, is a remodeled house. You’ll see a sign in the parking lot and the address is easily visible on the mailbox. I welcome all comments and questions and […]