Rusty’s Services

My Philosophy

Our bodies are beautifully designed to heal themselves. We’re composed of a community of over 50 trillion cells, and countless things go right every second. I believe that all healing comes from inside, and each of us has an “inner wisdom” that knows what we need next in order to heal. My job is to listen to the “knowing” and trust your inner wisdom as it guides us through the healing process.

A little about my work

All healing is spiritual, which is why I feel it’s important for everyone to have some kind of physical/mental/spiritual discipline that keeps mind-body-spirit balanced.  That’s the reason I offer private Tai Chi sessions tailored to your individual needs.  CranioSacral Therapy is the tool I use to coach your body into a state of balance where your own healing can take place.  I feel that daily Tai Chi practice, and regular CranioSacral sessions are an incredibly powerful combination of discipline and body work that can keep almost anyone in a remarkable state of health and balance.