Our Practitioners

The Lotus Center is comprised of a group of colleagues who are grounded in thorough training and clinical practice. Because we know them to support and accelerate change, we also incorporate ancient and innovative techniques that go beyond what strictly conventional practices currently embrace. We do so safely, thoughtfully, and always with your consent and enthusiasm.

About The Lotus Center

The Lotus Flower has been treasured throughout the world for centuries as a symbol of spiritual growth and transformation. It is loved for its extraordinary capacity to grow in the most impossible of circumstances, somehow blooming with even greater majesty and color when its surroundings reflect lifelessness or stagnation. At the core of this delicate flower’s success is its ability to tap into a flow of nurturance that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

This is the inspiration for our center.

Lotus Center

The Lotus Center

The Lotus Center is located in the quaint, quiet business district of Berry Hill. The building, like nearly all offices in this area, is a remodeled house. You’ll see a sign in the parking lot and the address is easily visible on the mailbox.

The Lotus Center
2919 Berry Hill Drive
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 577.0995