The Lotus Center (from left to right): Rusty Rust, Lemesa Jacques, Zoe Yue, Dr. Lihua Sheng, Dodge Rea, Lynn Davis,

The Lotus Center (from left to right): Rusty Rust, Lemesa Jacques, Zoe Yue, Dr. Lihua Sheng, Dodge Rea, Lynn Davis,


Aware of it or not, everyone knows the experience of Flow: that lovely peak moment of connectedness in which things unfold peacefully, joyfully, even effortlessly, as though the Greater Unseen were acting on our behalf. For most, it is a rare, fleeting happening that strikes at random. We at the Lotus Center believe it does not have to be – that with assistance and a devoted effort to know and engage one’s inner work, Flow can grace our lives regularly.

A big part of tapping that deep river of nurturance, as the lotus flower does instinctively, is healing those elements of us that get in our own way.

Often these obstructions result from traumas to the body and heart that have never fully healed; compounding these, sometimes our physical, energetic, or psychological defenses overcorrect for those injuries and develop strategies for self-protection that no longer serve us. We are here to help you identify and release these obstructions so that you may step into a life of greater Flow.

In Full Bloom

Flow is not just a gift or achievement. It is our birthright. It springs from the Source of our deepest selves, whatever you conceive that source to be. But our belief is that a correction of “what’s wrong” is not enough to activate it fully. We must learn, again and again, to choose such grace, paradoxical as that may sound. Thus, all of us here are trained and oriented not only to illness but also to moving beyond dysfunction into a life of deliberate and mindful wellness – in effect, to bloom. Given your time and dedication, we will help you open in just such a way.

We Share a Path

In addition to being clinicians and practitioners of various backgrounds, we are close friends and people who, like you, are on our own journeys. We believe we cannot take you to a place we are not willing to reach ourselves. So when we are not here, we are out there doing our own inner work – and, happily, reaping the lovely rewards. Thus, Flow is not only the goal of our work with you; it is its very basis.

If and when you’re ready, join us here to reconnect, heal, and grow as only you can. What could be more worth it?