A little about my philosophy

It has been said that a good therapist is much more gardener than mechanic. I love this statement because it captures something too often missed by counselors and clients alike: We therapists are here not to “fix” you but to help you gently prune away the old parts of you that no longer serve your growth — for within you already is an innate capacity to heal and stretch upward if given safety, compassion, and unobstructed space to grow. Feel the difference? Beyond giving you tools for change, my job is to awaken the part of you that already knows how.

A little about my work

With eclectic style including metaphor, paradox, and humor, I help you to reclaim your capacity for change on many levels. The foundation is a sanctuary and relationship without pressure or judgment, whatever your background or history. Added to this are powerful techniques and information, many of which are detailed in the Services section.

Dodge Rea

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The deepest work of all, however, is a lovely reintroduction of sorts: a new understanding and reconnection to aspects of you long ago exiled – your strengths, feelings, and intuition; your old family scripts buried deep in your psyche; even your connection with body and Spirit – that you might awaken that organic process within and bloom again.

A little about me

I attended the University of Virginia as an undergraduate where I double-majored in Psychology and Religious Studies. My wish to understand how others thought took me all the way to Rishikesh, India to study Hinduism in an ashram.  Doctoral work continued in Clinical Psychology in the exceptional program offered by Nova Southeastern University where I specialized in trauma and wrote my Directed Study on the subject of Clinical Intuition. My Doctoral Internship was completed at Vanderbilt University and I have published work in the journals Psychotherapy and the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation.

Added to these traditional systems I have added the pursuit of a huge range of traditional and innovative classes, study groups, and workshops.  One example: I have been certified as a Practitioner of Medical Qigong by the International Institute of Medical Qigong to deepen my understanding of how the ancient Chinese understanding the bioenergetics of psychological health and illness.  While discussion of these subjects may never come up in session with you, the result of this all this work is a broader understanding of the physical, psychological, and even energetic levels on which we all live, thrive, or get stuck. And that makes me a better therapist and consultant.

I am happily married and have a little boy who lights up my (our) world. Our spiritual life matters very much to us. When not working, learning, parenting and/or playing (for these are not mutually exclusive), I thoroughly enjoy T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Gung Fu, Qigong and other forms of ancient wisdom put into physical motion. I’m also a musician and have a right brain very much as alive as my left!  (And that, too, makes me a better therapist…)